One who plants natives saves the Earth entire.

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My Passion

Native Michigan plants for those who garden for nature and beauty.

I am an environmentalist from Detroit, Michigan and father to two boys, so I believe it is our duty to share, protect and improve the only Planet Earth we have. The promotion of native plants is my way of doing just that. Nature is a spiritual thing for me. It is utterly amazing to me when I find myself in the midst of a place abuzz with life, and it is equally humbling to stand next to a big old tree that has lived for hundreds of years. Everyday I am fascinated by nature, its beauty, its logic. Putting a native plant into the Earth is my way of saying thank you.  



2019 Native Plant Sales:

May 11th from 8am- 1pm @ the Lodge in Marshbank Park 2805 Hiller Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48324

June 1st from 9am-2pm @ Stage Nature Center 6685 Coolidge Hwy, Troy, MI 48098

June 8th from 9am-2pm @ Clinton River Watershed Council 1115 W Avon Rd, Rochester, MI 48309


About Me

Plants for Ecology is a native plant business based in Troy, Michigan. All the plants I carry are native to Michigan. Read on to find out more, and please share this with others.

Thank you.

Brendan Nolan, Owner and Operator of Plants for Ecology.

I grew up in Detroit, and my earliest memories are being outside in the native or wild part of the garden. It always seemed to be more interesting than the non-natives that grew in the front. There was a majestic elm that resided in the backyard which would soon succumb to Dutch Elm Disease. I was very upset by this, as I looked at that tree as a companion- much like the boy in the Giving Tree.

My first garden was one I started with my mother which, I admit, was not a native garden. My understanding of native species and ecology was to come later. This was more my first lesson that things will grow if put in the ground properly. One day a neighbor came over and said that he had extra raspberry bushes. Off we went to collect those thorny treasures. She and I cut out a fairly irregular rectangle and proceeded to plant the raspberries along with an assortment of other plants. She let me plant them how I wanted, even outside the borders of our far from perfect bed. All credit to her. 

I grew older, and my knowledge of nature and ecology grew as well. i have come to understand that we live within an ecological system, a system that sustains us, sustains life. Plants, native plants specifically, are one the foundations upon which all living things rely. Current landscape practices largely ignore the principles of ecology, thinking that the only function of a plant is how it looks to us or how does it affect curb appeal. I want to restore that sense of ecology and nature to our landscapes. Native plants are essential if we are to recreate that connection. Native species bring back the wild things, the pollinators, the birds, the spiders and insects, Native plants bring back a diversity of mammals and reptiles and the added bonus is that they also bring beauty into our lives. A native landscape is better likened to a habitat that is alive and dynamic. What good is a garden without butterflies? What good is a landscape that is static? Consider the simple fact that a native Oak is a host plant and/or food source for over 400 species. Imagine the impact one can have by simply planting an Oak tree. That is amazing!

Residing in Troy, MI, I am continuing to restore the native habitat in which my house resides by replacing non-natives with the native species. I started this business to give other the opportunity to do the same. I have three to five native plant sales in the spring and summer which is an excellent opportunity to acquire native plants and begin to restore your landscape. A portion of profits from the sales are used as charitable donations to organizations that promote and protect our natural world. Additionally, I offer consultations and landscape planning services.

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